Lutley Primary School

Halesowen - West Midlands

Built: February 13, 2015

“It looks really good. We are looking forward to the children playing on it! 10/10” Mrs L. Hanley – Maths leader and Community co-ordinator

What were the reasons for developing your outdoor space?
The School Council got together and decided it was time to include some more climbing equipment on the upper playground. This would allow further physical activity for the children.

How we transformed the play area to provide outdoor learning opportunities for the children:
This job was slightly trickier than usual due to the steep incline on the site and the large tree situated right in the middle! Our design team however felt no fear as they arranged and rearranged some new Adventure Trail within the site until there was a perfect fit. We installed a Log Balance, Rope Balance, Log Crossing, Net Crossing and Stepping Logs. The School Council were more than happy with this, as no one suspected that many new climbing units could fit. Grassmatt was laid underneath the trail to provide a wearing pad and the ground was raked and seeded to help in time regain its natural condition.

How the children will benefit from the new play area:
From this selection of 5 different Adventure Trail units the children will get an all-round combination of challenges to help improve their physical activity. Climbing, balancing, traversing and hand eye co-ordination will all be put to the test as they cross from start to finish. When there is a number of children playing on the Trail co-operation will be needed to pass each other going in different directions.


Halesowen – West Midlands

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