Outdoor Gym Equipment


• Encourage physical activity and a healthy lifestyle
• Help to reduce childhood obesity
• Develop upper and lower body strength
• Provide a resource to help teach PE and sport
Our Outdoor Gym Stations are ideal for KS1 and KS2 areas.
Each item will help get children physically active and achieve their recommended five hours of PE and School Sport each week. Creating an exciting fitness area within your school will help encourage essential participation in active play, leading to better health and well-being for your children.

Fitness Multi-Gym

Fitness Multi-Gym - £4268

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Energise Multi-Unit

Energise Multi-Unit - £1865

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Active Multi-Gym

Active Multi-Gym - £3326

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Exercise Package

Exercise Package - £4278

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Outdoor Fitness Package

Outdoor Fitness Package - £4961

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Double Sit Up Bench

Double Sit Up Bench - £775

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Waist Twister

Waist Twister - £839

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Leg Stretch

Leg Stretch - £485

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Double Strength Challenger

Double Strength Challenger - £512

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Double Health Walker

Double Health Walker - £1010

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Double Slalom Skier

Double Slalom Skier - £795

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Rower - £885

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Horse Rider

Horse Rider - £586

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Sky Stepper

Sky Stepper - £935

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Tai Chi Discs

Tai Chi Discs - £600

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Arm and Pedal Bicycle

Arm and Pedal Bicycle - £750

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