Fitness Stations


• Encourage physical activity and a healthy lifestyle
• Help to reduce childhood obesity
• Develop upper and lower body strength
• Provide a resource to help teach PE and sport

Our Fitness Stations are ideal for KS1 and KS2 areas.
Each item will help get children physically active and achieve their recommended five hours of PE and School Sport each week. Creating an exciting fitness area within your school will help encourage essential participation in active play, leading to better health and well-being for your children.

Warm Up Bench

Warm Up Bench - £493

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Pull Up Station

Pull Up Station - £1489

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Dip Station

Dip Station - £1919

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Tone Up Zone

Tone Up Zone - £2751

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Workout Circuit

Workout Circuit - £3791

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2.4m Chin Up Bars

2.4m Chin Up Bars - £570

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Timber Gate Climber

Timber Gate Climber - £761

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Climb Ladder

Climb Ladder - £619

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Rope Climb

Rope Climb - £976

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Assault Wall

Assault Wall - £1451

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