Trim Trail

Active Environments

• Encourage physical activity and a healthy lifestyle
• Help to reduce childhood obesity
• Develop upper and lower body strength
• Provide a resource to help teach PE and sport

Encourages Active Play and Cooperative Play within an Early Years, KS1 and KS2 Environment.

Our adventure trim trail units are perfect for supporting your PE lessons and encouraging active learning within your school. With both Low Level and High Level units available, these can be arranged in any size or configuration to suit your specific needs. Each individual unit helps your children improve balancing, traversing, stretching and climbing in order to help develop co-ordination, confidence, upper and lower body strength, as well as strengthening their core stability. Our unique dome top design helps make our adventure trim trails the most aesthetically pleasing school playground system available in the market.

P146-Thumb Climbing Poles £767 More details
P144-Thumb Monkey Bars £389 More details
P143-Thumb Roll Over Bars £335 More details
P140-Thumb Rope Bridge £875 More details
P139-Thumb Suspension Bridge £985 More details
P138-Thumb Tightrope £572 More details
P101-Thumb Log Balance £139 More details
P102-Thumb Log Balance Double £243 More details
P103-Thumb Balance Weave £302 More details
P127-Thumb Walk & Stretch Posts £486 More details
P128-Thumb Log Snake Weaver £420 More details
P120-Thumb Balance Junction £448 More details
P134-Thumb Wobble Board £983 More details
P104-Thumb Net Ladder £341 More details
P129-Thumb Rope Junction £689 More details
P121-Thumb Burma Bridge £808 More details
P135-Thumb Wobble Bridge £877 More details
P105-Thumb Net Crossing £875 More details
P106-Thumb Tunnel Crawl £993 More details
P122-Thumb Tunnel £1289 More details
P107-Thumb Rope Balance £320 More details
P145-Thumb Log Roll £670 More details
P108-Thumb Rope Traverse £447 More details
P109-Thumb Rope Weave £456 More details
P117-Thumb Traverse Wall £686 More details
P133-Thumb Traverse Wall with Grips £823 More details
P118-Thumb Traverse Wall Double £1270 More details
P116-Thumb Stepping Logs £175 More details
P110-Thumb Log Crossing £767 More details
P111-Thumb Overhead Trapeze £507 More details
P136-Thumb Up & Over Mini £821 More details
P126-Thumb Chin Up Bars £434 More details
P124-Thumb Overhead Bars £1155 More details
P132-Thumb Parallel Bars £402 More details
P112-Thumb Cargo Net £509 More details
P113-Thumb Net Climb £596 More details
P114-Thumb Up & Over £995 More details
P115-Thumb Duck & Dive £584 More details
P137-Thumb Spider Web Net £997 More details

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