Forest Climbers

Active Environments

• Encourage physical activity and a healthy lifestyle
• Help to reduce childhood obesity
• Develop upper and lower body strength
• Replicate a challenging climbing environment

Encourages Active Play and Cooperative Play within a KS1 and KS2 Environment.
Our wooden play equipment and Forest Climbers are designed to replicate a natural, challenging and enjoyable climbing environment. They will bring a modern feel to any new play area. Consisting of a scattered log design with a base net and hand ropes, your children will have many different levels of balancing and climbing challenges to test their abilities. This wooden log equipment design will also encourage them to use their imagination and help develop coordination and physical activity.

P335-Thumb Forest Climber Piccolo £984 More details
P324-Thumb Forest Climber Midi £1684 More details
P326 - Forest Climber Midi with Deck Thumb Forest Climber Midi with Deck £4526 More details
P325 - Forest Climber Midi with Slide Thumb Forest Climber Midi with Slide £5157 More details
P336-Thumb Forest Climber Sorella £1480 More details
P310-Thumb Forest Climber 1 £2239 More details
P311-Thumb Forest Climber 2 £2723 More details
P333-Thumb Forest Climber Fratello £2922 More details
P330-Thumb Forest Climber Mezzo £4238 More details
P312-Thumb Forest Climber 3 £5917 More details
Forest-Climber-3-With-Slide-Thumb Forest Climber 3 - With Slide £10578 More details
P313-Thumb Forest Climber 4 £6207 More details
P338-Thumb Forest Climber Passo £7274 More details
Forest Climber Forest Climber 5 £7472 More details
Forest Climber Forest Climber 5 with Deck and Slide £12667 More details

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