Inspection and Maintenance

We provide inspections and maintenance to your new equipment to keep it in perfect condition for the children to enjoy for many years. All inspectors and maintenance engineers are experienced with the BS EN1176 Playground Safety Standards so you can rest assured it will be kept in a safe condition. All inspectors and maintenance team members are DBS checked.

Inspection & Maintenance

Inspection and Maintenance Packages

Following the installation of our equipment into your play area, we can arrange for inspections and maintenance to be carried out to help keep your playground equipment in top condition year after year.

The Inspections available are explained below:

Operational Playground Inspection

Looking in more detail at the condition of the equipment; providing a quality control check on the more regular inspections and identifying wear and tear on the equipment. Inspections to be carried out by an appropriately trained member of staff or alternatively by a suitably qualified specialist and will be recorded. These inspections should be carried out on a quarterly basis as a minimum.

Annual Playground Inspection

To be carried out by an independent specialist not connected with the playground operator or owner. Essentially looking at vandalism, wear and tear, long term structural problems, standards compliance and design, along with risk assessment etc. This report essentially covers the overall safety of the playground. It can also be useful to include an annual oversight of the internal procedures and documentation.

The Services we offer are:

Gold Service

To carry out 3 x Operational Inspections and 1 x Annual Inspection per year.

Silver Service

To carry out 1 x Annual Inspection per year.

Maintenance Service

Following each inspection service a report will be produced. From this report we can calculate a maintenance cost (if required) and schedule in a convenient date to carry out any repairs/modifications.

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If you would like to know more about these services please email or alternatively call 0808 1682032 and we will be happy to help.

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