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School’s out for Summer, but not for long!

August 23, 2019

The summer holidays will be over before you know it, and the little ones will be back in school with their friends and in their new classes.

Child’s Play

The Summer will become a distant memory of trips to playgrounds, parks and other outdoor areas for many parents.  Whether the areas are open grassland or have structures like climbing frames, ropes or slides, children enjoy the challenge and love the sense of adventure.  A creative environment holds the children’s attention while keeping children active, yet parents need to know that their children’s health and safety is considered with soft and resilient outdoor surfaces and flooring.

While parents are used to thinking about the outdoor surroundings of public spaces, what about the play areas/playground area that children are playing on every day – at school?


Healthy lifestyle

Teachers, like parents, are responsible for children every day, so those in their care must be happy and healthy in and out of the classroom.

There is no doubt that outdoor play promotes a healthy lifestyle. Therefore,  does it matter what type of outdoor play the children have?

Environment matters

Yes, it does.

Children in a safe and imaginative environment are likely to enjoy learning, taking part and enjoying physical activity.


At Educational Play Environments, we are all too aware of the impact of stimulating outdoor areas.  We help schools to plan and design outdoor play and learning environments, transforming the tired and dull to fun outdoor spaces for schools throughout the UK. With equipment ranging from log balances, rope crossings to sports and play areas, through to growing gardens and musical instrument areas.  The services we offer include implementing and after sales maintenance of equipment.

If you’d like to see your school outdoor play area transformed, get in touch!

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