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Outdoor Learning is a must for engaging children

May 13, 2019

For children, an ordinary school day can very easily become extraordinary. A small change to the usual routine can feel exciting. You may remember that sense of freedom in the summer term when a teacher opened the door of the stuffy classroom to send you out into the playground, armed with a book to read in the sunshine or on a quest to find creepy crawlies.

It is no surprise that pupils feel happier after being let loose to play but what about when teaching takes place outside? In the 2018 Project Dirt survey following Outdoor Classroom Day, 87% of teachers said that children were more engaged with lessons outdoors. However, they recognised that the weather was often a factor preventing them from planning more outdoor activities.

With an all-weather space on school grounds, outdoor learning can become a regular fixture on the timetable, not just a rare treat or a spontaneous decision on sunny days.

As school playground manufacturers, we can install not only outdoor play area equipment but attractive and practical timber shelters where children can sit under cover. From telling stories to sharing worries, we are keen to encourage positive mental health and wellbeing and one of our outdoor classrooms could provide that sanctuary.

We worked with Copford C of E Primary School in Colchester to find the right product for their requirements and the largest hexagonal wooden design has fit perfectly into the natural surroundings with enough room for a teacher to take a whole class outside.

To arrange your free no obligation consultation or for more information on our range of Play Equipment and Outdoor Furniture call us on 0808 168 2032 or email us at

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