Windsor Clive Primary School

Ely - Cardiff

Built: August 2, 2020

“Educational Play Environments came with a good reputation, presented good value for money and worked with us to design what we really needed – very patient. Overall they were excellent. The children have loved using the equipment and we also use it for PE lessons during the day. A massive hit!” K. Fisher – Head Teacher

What were the reasons for developing your outdoor space?

“We had a lack of equipment and play apparatus for the children at playtimes and lunchtimes.”

How we transformed the play area to provide outdoor learning opportunities for the children:

During our ongoing conversations with the school we worked on a base idea of filling the empty tarmac space with some eye-catching new equipment that not only encouraged the children to exercise whilst playing but also gave them many different ways of achieving this.

We provided a new Nile Combination Trail which was installed in a linear formation to fit perfectly down one side of the play area. This left the opposite side to provide a new selection of Outdoor Gym units specifically designed for primary aged children. These included: Double Strength Challenger, Double Sit Up Bench, Double Health Walker, Tai Chi Discs, Double Slalom Skier and an Active Multi-Gym which allows group workouts with the following activities: Double Health Walker, 2 x Slalom Skiers, Double Waist Twister, Tai Chi Discs and an Arm & Pedal Bicycle.

How the children will benefit from the new play area:

The children of Windsor Clive Primary School now have an all-round area to play, exercise and socialise. The Nile Combination Trail offers new opportunities to improve balancing, climbing, swinging and coordination skills. Their new Outdoor Gym offers all the range of gross motor functions and development that are needed at primary age. The Multi-Gym combined with the other units allow large groups to all play at once and make exercise a fun and inviting prospect, it also means structured PE lessons can take place there too.

What were your main reasons for working with EPE over other competitors?

  • Good reputation.
  • Good value for money.
  • Worked with us to design what we really needed – very patient.

Would you work with us again?


Would you recommend us to other schools?         



Ely – Cardiff

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