Wellingborough Pre-Prep School

Wellinborough - Northampton

Built: April 22, 2018

“We have received a very efficient service. There was good communication and flexibility of times and install. EPE delivered what was asked and on time. All Health and Safety practices were adhered to.” J. Everett – Head of Pre-Prep & J. Petrie – Estates Manager

What were the reasons for developing your outdoor space?

“Tired and worn out apparatus and a problematic surface needed replacing.”

How we transformed the play area to provide outdoor learning opportunities for the children:

We had worked with the Pre-Prep a few years ago to add a few Trim Trail units to their existing Wet Pour Area. As time has gone on and weathered the original trail units and surfacing the school were looking for us to replace these to create a linear Trim Trail.

We included a new Log Balance, Tyre Crossing, Tunnel and Wobble Bridge to the existing Traverse Wall, Balance Weave and Log Roll.

The now complete linear Trim Trail was completed with Artificial Grass in the design of a river running through it. 

How the children will benefit from the new play area:

The children have an exciting new area to develop their balancing, traversing, climbing, crawling and coordination skills. All the units offer a new opportunity for the children to be encouraged to increase their physical activity and health every day, something that is crucial at their stage of development in Pre-Prep age. The river design adds imaginative possibilities and the children have already been heard discussing what the name of the river is. 

What were your main reasons for working with EPE over other competitors?

  • Pricing
  • Easier to tailor a bespoke trim trail
  • Open negotiations.
  • Friendly Representative
  • Incentives

Wellinborough – Northampton

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