The Rosary Catholic Primary School

Birmingham - West Midlands

Built: September 20, 2017

“Absolutely overjoyed with the nursery and reception area, teachers were overcome with emotion to have so many new play opportunities for their children. The parents have all commented positively and asked questions about the new areas. All Staff have made positive comments. The areas are visually impactful and all outdoor areas now match the recently improved internal areas.”
D. Barnicle – School Business Manager

What were the reasons for developing your outdoor space?

  • To provide a safe and functional area for the children
  • To enable curriculum learning outside
  • To develop more zoned areas for play opportunities 

How we transformed the play area to provide outdoor learning opportunities for the children:

Nursery Area:

The Nursery project leaders had a clear vision of the different zones they wanted to create for the children and with our ideas working together we created a multi-faceted play and learning space. The existing climbing and springer zone was given a breath of fresh air with new Artificial Grass Surfacing including a 40mm shock pad allowing the children to safely use the height of equipment installed, previously no shock pad had been allowed underneath by previous contactors making the climbing tower off limits. A small balancing and traversing island was created using a Log Balance Double and Rubber Mulch Safety Surfacing. The main tarmac play area was surfaced with 32mm Pile Artificial Grass providing a comfortable and natural looking new play area. Within the main area we created a Roadway to allow for Bikes, Trikes and Scooters. To create a barrier between the Road Track and Story Time Zone we installed a Musical Zone consisting of a Glockenspiel Musical Panel and a Shaker Musical Panel. The Story Time Zone used Rubber Mulch Surfacing in contrasting colours to give the children experience with different textures underfoot. We created this zone using a Story Teller’s Chair, Toadstool Seating and a Planter Bench. All the existing equipment was given a complimentary jet wash and clean to spruce it up and bring the whole area in line with the new look and feel of all the equipment. Within the brief it was a main point to have a low maintenance area so Recycled Plastic product made up the main make up of each zone. 

Reception Area:

Within the Reception Area we helped the school realise the best areas for each zone to be following an in depth look at their ideas and draft plans. An entrance area now boasts a full blue Artificial Grass covering including a 1m wide Roadway for Bikes, Trikes and Scooters. This area was created using the more hardwearing Colour Dec Grass as it is a main area of access for parents and children in the mornings and afternoons.

The main reception area was split into three many different zones, firstly we provided a corner of 32mm Pile Artificial Grass to provide a natural looking space for many different games including Ball games and the Parachute. The Physical and Active Zone was created by installing a Balance Weave, Traverse Wall, Tunnel, Net Crossing and an Up & Over Mini. This area was completely surfaced using Rubber Mulch Safety Surfacing. A Sheltered Zone made up of 3m x 3m Polycarbonate Canopy allows for learning outside of the classroom. The Reception children were also given a Story Time Zone using a Story Teller’s Chair and Toadstool Seating. We also provided a Mud Kitchen and Messy Zone making use of an unused space behind the existing garage.

The existing Wet Pour Zone was given a revamp with a good jet wash making it free from algae and grime allowing the children to once again make use of their whole play space. Finally, to complete the areas without new surfacing black Anti-Slip paint was used.

How the children will benefit from the new play area:

Children of both Nursery and Reception ages now have the outdoor fun and learning space they could only have dreamed of. There are opportunities to increase physical activity whilst developing core strength and testing all manner of skills including balancing, traversing, stretching, crawling and climbing. The Roadway’s will provide clear safe areas to improve health and wellbeing by exercising on Bikes, Trikes and Scooters. Our Story Time Zones provide a relaxed atmosphere for the children to learn, socialise and chill out. The musical items will encourage creativity and fun. Both spaces open a different dimension of possibilities for all age and ability of child making this project a true success. 

What were your main reasons for working with EPE over other competitors?

“We Engaged with EPE due to information provided and felt we felt they listened and offered what the school wanted by developing their original ideas with ours instead of pushing just their own ideas on us. Their Pricing Structure was favourable.”

Would you work with us again?


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Birmingham – West Midlands

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