Southwold Primary School and Early Years Centre

Radford - Nottingham

Built: February 13, 2015

“Great service, incredibly prompt and efficient. Great product – the children are so happy. Thank you” K. Clifford – Head Teacher

What were the reasons for developing your outdoor space?
The school had set their mind on creating a new area on the large grass field which would help encourage the children’s physical activity and to present a more challenging playtime to what already existed. The new equipment was to be situated close to the existing pathway, providing easy access to and from the trail in all weather conditions.

How we transformed the play area to provide outdoor learning opportunities for the children:
We proposed a new Linear Adventure Trail Configuration which included a mixture of balancing, traversing and climbing units. Two high level units from our range were added, the Net Climb and the Up & Over to make the Trail challenging and exciting for the older children. The team worked on installing the equipment during the Easter Holidays. We used a combination of surfacing underneath the Trail to comply with BS EN 1176 regulations. A ‘pathway’ of Softbond Recycled Rubber Mulch was laid to provide immediate safety within the units fall zone and a durable wear pad to the most used areas of the Trail. Grassmatt was then laid to the rest of the high level units to comply with all current Health and Safety standards. The completed Trail was ready and waiting for the children on their return from the Easter break.

How the children will benefit from the new play area:
There are many different challenges for the children to overcome within this Linear Adventure Trail. Traversing across the low level units will improve their sense of balance and coordination. Upper and Lower body strength will be improved by climbing the high level units whilst giving the children a great sense of achievement when they accomplish climbing to the summit. Cooperation will be needed if more than one child was to use the same unit at one time. From what we hear there has already been queues to conquer the new Adventure Trail.


Radford – Nottingham

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