Dundale Primary School

Tring - Hertfordshire

Built: February 13, 2015

“The children really enjoy using the roadway, taking turns at the traffic lights and on the roundabout! We have used the snakes and ladders and hopscotch for adult led activities. The parents commented on how bright and inviting the playground looks.” K. Smith – Foundation Stage Leader

What were the reasons for developing your outdoor space?
Following a recent overlay of new tarmac to the Foundation Stage play area the school wanted to create a bright and stimulating outdoor environment, rich in print and numbers for the children to learn.

How we transformed the play area to provide outdoor learning opportunities for the children:
From the start the children expressed an interest in using the outdoor space to use their trikes and scooters so naturally the first graphic chosen was an intricate Roadway running through both sections of the playground. The one-way road came complete with pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, roundabout and stop signs. There was even some numbered parking bays added to safely keep their bikes during the day! Our expert team of designers and installers also completed a 1-50 Snakes and Ladders, Alphabet Caterpillar and Hopscotch to give a wide range of activity during playtime. Once the rain had let up (to maintain the high quality of the graphics that we offer) the team went in and everything was completed during a normal school day much to the children’s surprise.

How the children will benefit from the new play area:
Laying a roadway in the playground helps maintain an organised way of using trikes and bikes, whilst at the same time improving children’s understanding of basic traffic rules, road safety and sign reading. The children can start off their journey in the playground but they could finish anywhere, as their sense of imagination is developed by pretending and playing. The Hopscotch and 1-50 Snakes and Ladders will encourage the children’s competitive streak and helping to improve their social and co-operation skills. The letters on the Alphabet Caterpillar can be used to improve literacy skills. The giant letters can also be traced to encourage handwriting activities in an outdoor setting.


Tring – Hertfordshire

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