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Keeping kids motivated to go to school with great play areas!

September 17, 2019

The new Autumn term has started at school and you have your children safely settled back into a school routine, but the question is how do you keep them motivated enough to want to go to school every day?

There are many positive aspects to school that children enjoy, such as the interaction with their friends and teachers as well as the various activities included in their lessons.

Children love stimuli, so when their classrooms are brightly decorated and their own work displayed on walls, they will be inspired to do well.

The same can be said about outdoor space and play areas as play forms an important part of their day.  Like classrooms, a well-designed safe and comfortable environment impacts children’s wellbeing.

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The right outdoor recreational play area is a combination of high-quality educational equipment and fun themes . A musical environment or a garden themed outdoor space are just two ways in which children engage at school.

Musical equipment captures the imagination of a child while allowing them freedom of expression. Garden spaces encourage children to take an interest in wildlife while learning how to dig, plant and grow.



At Educational Play Environments we want your children to go to school with a sense of anticipation and enthusiasm, which is why we help to design and install imaginative playground equipment.

From creative Early Years equipment through to Thermoplastic ground graphics such as clocks and compasses, we have ideas to suit all tastes and budgets.

For a consultation or to get a quote, get in touch!

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