Roadway Ground Graphics

Surfacing & Ground Graphics

Our entire range of Thermoplastic Playground Graphics have been designed to help you stimulate playground activity for your pupils by providing a wide range of standard and bespoke playground games and markings. Every playground graphic and marking product brings tremendous colour and brightness to a normally grey and featureless playground surface.

• Existing surface must be free of dirt, dust, chemicals and any significant oily substances.

• Prior to installation of our ground graphics you will need to ensure that there are no loose aggregates where the markings are to be applied. (An additional cost may apply if surface preparation and cleaning is required by EPE.)

• The minimum order value for Ground Graphics is £1,250 plus VAT. If part of a larger project the minimum order value is to be advised. Geographic surcharge may apply depending on location.

Fun and Active Roadway

Fun and Active Roadway - £3333

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Roadway with Extras

Roadway with Extras - £1190

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Traffic Lights

Traffic Lights - £43

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One Way

One Way - £73

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No Entry

No Entry - £73

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Stop - £73

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Roundabout - £73

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Give Way

Give Way - £73

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Zebra Crossing

Zebra Crossing - £85

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Parking Bays with Numbers

Parking Bays with Numbers - £18

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Parking Bays

Parking Bays - £15

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Stop, Look & Listen

Stop, Look & Listen - £73

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Crossing Characters

Crossing Characters - £273

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Petrol Station

Petrol Station - £243

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Park - £255

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Shop - £255

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School - £255

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Fire Station

Fire Station - £255

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Hospital - £255

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Police Station

Police Station - £255

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