Digging, Planting and Growing

Recreational Environments

Encourages Planting, Digging and Growing within an Early Years, KS1 and KS2 Environment.
Teaching students how to grow their own food at school is an effective way of educating them about the importance of a healthy diet. Our unique growing stations are perfect to encourage your children to learn and understand about growing their own vegetables. Full growing instructions are provided, showing you how to grow a variety of vegetables easily all year round. Seeing the process from start to finish will help each child gain a greater understanding of the basics of growing vegetables. The 1.0m Veg Station will hold 3.5 (60L) bags of compost and the Large Veg Station will hold 7 (60L) bags of compost.

Messy-Multi-Play-Thumb Messy Multi-Play £496 More details
Little-Landscapers-Thumb Little Landscapers £455 More details
6_Box_Planter_Thumb 6 Box Planter £365 More details
6_Box_Planter_Bench_Thumb 6 Box Planter Bench £448 More details
The_Garden_Express_Thumb Garden Express £1021 More details
planter-seating thumb Planter Seating £890 More details
wall-planter-thumb Wall Planter £92 More details
Planter Bench Planter Bench £510 More details
1.0m 0.75m Veg Station £POA More details
1.0m 1.0m Veg Station £POA More details
2.0m 1.8m Veg Station £POA More details
Planter Pergola Planter Pergola £4192 More details
PCRPLANT - Representation Square Planter £297 More details
Round Log Planter Round Log Planter £POA More details

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