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Our range of musical instruments for school playgrounds encourages Sensory and Imaginative Play within an Early Years, KS1 and KS2 Environment. ‘Music is an enriching and valuable academic subject. Research evidence shows that a quality music education can improve self-confidence, behaviour and social skills, as well as improve academic attainment in areas such as numeracy, literacy and language.’ This is why we have worked with quality, unique, outdoor musical instrument manufacturers to offer a range of outdoor instruments and equipment for school playgrounds to improve the facilities within your school and encourage children to discover their hidden talent. Even if they are stepping up to an outdoor musical instrument they have never played before the children will be able to make beautiful, rhythmic and melodic music right away.
‘I have become even more convinced of the positive effect that music, both as an academic subject, taught in the classroom, and as a participative activity, in and out of the classroom, can have on young people’s lives.’ (Darren Henley for the Department of education and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport 2010)

Wall-Marimba-Featured Wall Marimba £1075 More details
Handpipes-Featured Handpipes £1350 More details
Musical Instrument Symphony Pentatonic £1730 More details
Musical Instrument Papilio £2270 More details
Musical Instrument Cherub £1350 More details
duo-thumb Duo £2155 More details
cadenza-thumb Cadenza £1075 More details
grand-marimba-thumb Grand Marimba £2970 More details
akadinda-thumb Akadinda £1700 More details
sansa-rimba-thumb Sansa Rimba £1350 More details
congas-thumb Congas £485 More details
congas-set-of-3-thumb Congas (Set of 3) £1350 More details
rainbow-sambas-thumb Rainbow Sambas £1295 More details
tubular-bells-thumb Tubular Bells £2270 More details
p1125-thumb Babel Drum £1075 More details
p1127-thumb Emperor Chimes £3235 More details
p1129-thumb Harmony £1505 More details
p1130-thumb Marimba £2045 More details
p1131-thumb Tembos £3185 More details
P1308-Thumb Alto Pentatonic £700 More details
P1309-Thumb Soprano Pentatonic £645 More details

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