Educational Panels

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Our new range of Playtronic Outdoor play panels brings a new dimension to the usual Play Panels found within a school playground. With a button-activated voice, the children can instantly be immersed in a fun game, like having to point out the nearest object or mimicking their favourite animal. Used independently or in a group, these outdoor play panels are a great way to encourage children’s listening abilities and understanding of instructions.

Ball-Maze-Thumb-Image Ball Maze £600 More details
Clockwork-Thumb-Image Clockwork £773 More details
Spin-Dice-Thumb-Image Spin Dice £441 More details
Solar-Thumb-Image Solar Powered Stopwatch £986 More details
Wobbly-Mirror-Thumb-Image Wobbly Mirror £756 More details
5-a-day-Thumb-Image 5 a Day Fitness Panel £441 More details
Today's-Date-is-Thumb-Image Today's Date is? £566 More details
Phonics-Tree-Thumb-Image Phonics Tree £448 More details
Animal-Spell-Thumb-Image Animal Spell £464 More details
Sunflower-Sums-Thumb-Image Sunflower Sums £448 More details
Number-Fun-Thumb-Image Number Fun £488 More details
Abacus-Thumb-Image Abacus £433 More details
Cats-and-Dogs-Thumb-Image Cats & Dogs 3 in a Row £587 More details
Local-Shop-Thumb-Image Local Shop £266 More details
What-Time-is-it-Thumb-Image What Time is it? £288 More details
Zap-Thumb-Image Zap Mirror £380 More details
Today's-Weather-Thumb-Image Today's Weather is? £616 More details
Chunky-OXO-Thumb-Image Chunky Noughts & Crosses £516 More details

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