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Encourages Imaginative, Creative, Cooperative and Social Play within an Early Years, KS1 and KS2 Environment. Arts and Crafts help children to learn in different ways and approach problems and challenges creatively. Our range of equipment gives your children a means with which to discover these challenges and find solutions to the problems. Creating works of art can benefit children by encouraging them to get in touch with a different side of themselves that they might not be able to access in other subjects. It helps them develop their creativity and imagination whilst encouraging them to try new ideas. The Children can engage in all types of media including paint, ink and chalk helping them to transform abstract ideas into visual references building their sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.

Paint-Station-Thumb-Image Paint Station £552 More details
Chalk-Station-Thumb-Image Chalk Station £552 More details
Dry-Wipe-Station-Thumb-Image Dry-Wipe Station £552 More details
Weaving-Panel-Thumb-Image Weaving Panel £441 More details
Alphabet-Writing-Thumb-Image Alphabet Writing Panel £462 More details
Writing-Patterns-Thumb-Image Writing Patterns Panel £462 More details
Large-Paint-Thumb-Image Large Paint Station £1427 More details
Large-Chalk-Thumb-Image Large Chalk Station £1528 More details

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