Freestanding Timber Play Huts

Freestanding Early Years Resources

Timber play huts are charming, versatile structures that serve as valuable additions to school environments, fostering creativity, social interaction, and physical activity among students. These huts, crafted from natural and sustainable timber, offer a unique and inviting space for children to engage in imaginative play.

One of the primary advantages of timber play huts in schools is their ability to stimulate imaginative play. These structures serve as blank canvases for children’s creativity, encouraging them to invent stories, scenarios, and games within the confines of the hut. This kind of unstructured play is vital for the development of cognitive and problem-solving skills, as well as enhancing emotional intelligence.

Moreover, timber play huts contribute to the social development of students. These cosy spaces become hubs for collaborative play, allowing children to negotiate roles, share ideas, and work together on various imaginative projects. The social interactions facilitated by these huts promote teamwork, communication, and the establishment of friendships, contributing to a positive and inclusive school environment.

Coloured Roof Bridge

Coloured Roof Bridge - £1000

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Play Den with Flooring

Play Den with Flooring - £729

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Sensory Teepee

Sensory Teepee - £1714

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Hobbit Play House

Hobbit Play House - £3825

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Coloured Teepee

Coloured Teepee - £914

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Large Playhouse

Large Playhouse - £1571

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Apex Play Lodge

Apex Play Lodge - £783

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Mystical House

Mystical House - £263

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Sail Shade Shelter

Sail Shade Shelter - £783

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Children's Wooden Teepee

Children's Wooden Teepee - £651

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Changing Hut

Changing Hut - £794

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Mark Making Hut

Mark Making Hut - £880

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Rustic Hut

Rustic Hut - £909

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Jungle Play Hut

Jungle Play Hut - £2143

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Seated Play Hut

Seated Play Hut - £1794

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Play Hut

Play Hut - £1500

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Hobbit Hall

Hobbit Hall - £6072

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