Multi-Play Modules

Active Environments

• Encourage physical activity and a healthy lifestyle
• Help to reduce childhood obesity
• Develop upper and lower body strength
• Involve the children and create your bespoke unit

Having the ability to create your own unique unit and give your play area its own identity is now possible
with our Multi-Play Modules. Why not involve your school council? Or even take a vote throughout
the whole school to get all the children’s ideas? Get in touch with us and we can help build your specific
unit which will provide all the activities and challenges the curriculum sets out.

Rock Hold Ramp Feature Rock Hold Ramp £POA More details
Arch Ladder Feature Arch Ladder £POA More details
Bridge Feature Bridge £POA More details
Cargo Net Bridge Feature Cargo Net Bridge £POA More details
Climbing Wall Feature Climbing Wall £POA More details
Dual Bar Slide Feature Dual Bar Slide £POA More details
Fireman's Pole Feature Fireman's Pole £POA More details
Infill-Panel-New-Feature Infill Panel £POA More details
Ladder Bridge Feature Ladder Bridge £POA More details
Link Ladder Bridge Feature Link Ladder Bridge £POA More details
Monkey Bars Bridge Feature Monkey Bars Bridge £POA More details
Stainless Steel Slide Feature Stainless Steel Slide £POA More details
Slide Feature Slide £POA More details
Moulded Slide Feature Moulded Slide £POA More details
Net Bridge Feature Net Bridge £POA More details
Sloping Link Ladder Feature Sloping Link Ladder £POA More details
Scramble Net Feature Scramble Net £POA More details
Square Platform Feature Square Platform £POA More details
Stairs Feature Stairs £POA More details
Tunnel Bridge Feature Tunnel Bridge £POA More details
Tunnel Underpass Feature Tunnel Underpass £POA More details
Curved Roof Feature Curved Roof £POA More details

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