Combination Trails - Create your Own

Active Environments

• Encourage physical activity and a healthy lifestyle
• Help to reduce childhood obesity
• Develop upper and lower body strength
• Provide a resource to help teach PE and sport
• Continuous activity allowing for multiple users
• All items low level to ensure maximum safety
• Mix and match components to create your bespoke unit

Encourages Active Play and Cooperative Play within an Early Years, KS1 and KS2 Environment with our playground structures for schools.
Our combination trails have been designed using elements of our Adventure Trail units. The linking trails
include many units such as the Log Balance, Balance Weave, Rope Balance, Rope Traverse, Traverse Wall,
Log Crossing and Rope Weave. If you are working to a specific budget these great value playground structure units are ideal.

Log-Balance-Thumb Log Balance £POA More details
Balance-Weave-Thumb Balance Weave £POA More details
Tightrope-Thumb Tightrope £POA More details
Suspension-Bridge-Thumb Suspension Bridge £POA More details
Rope-Bridge-Thumb Rope Bridge £POA More details
Rope-Balance-Thumb Rope Balance £POA More details
Rope-Traverse-Thumb Rope Traverse £POA More details
Log-Crossing-Thumb Log Crossing £POA More details
Rope-Weave-Thumb Rope Weave £POA More details
Rope-Twist-Thumb Rope Twist £POA More details
Rope-Web-Thumb Rope Web £POA More details
Log-Roll-Thumb Log Roll £POA More details
Overhead-Trapeze-Thumb Overhead Trapeze £POA More details
Monkey-Bars-Thumb Monkey Bars £POA More details
Traverse-Wall-Single-Thumb Traverse Wall Single £POA More details
Traverse-Wall-Double-Thumb Traverse Wall Double £POA More details
Traverse-Wall-Single-with-Grips-Thumb Traverse Wall Single with Grips £POA More details
Traverse-Wall-Double-with-Grips-Thumb Traverse Wall Double with Grips £POA More details

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