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Quick tips on easy ways to make playgrounds more creative for children

May 29, 2019

We all recognize that creative and imaginative play is an important part of the EYFS curriculum and understand the value it brings to the development of children. Improved socialization and problem-solving skills,  increasing the desire to learn, better concentration and children achieving better grades in exams are just some of the benefits

Creative play is the most versatile learning tool that exists for children, however, we often underestimate its importance because it is so much fun. School playtimes are the ideal opportunity to enhance skills in a safe and fun environment.

Creating playground environments that encourage creativity aren’t difficult to achieve within budget; here are our tips on easy ways to make playgrounds more creative.

Adventure play

If you are choosing an adventure unit, choose one with a theme, for instance, a train, fire or pirate boat where children can be free to role play and create fantasy lands while playing and exercising. Whilst playing they can also develop their emotional and social interaction, understanding of sharing, manipulative abilities, language and communication skills.

Activity Panels

Activity panels are ideal tools for encouraging children to be creative during their playtimes. Play panels encourage collaborative play which means they will invite other children to play alongside them; which will develop their communication and language skills. We do a wide range of panels to cover science, arts and crafts and education.

Music Panels

Music is another great way of developing children’s creativity and confidence. Children love to express themselves through sound and noise; music panels not just allow them to create their own music but also gives them the opportunity to explore rhythm and patterns

Sand and Water Play

Children love playing in sand and water which gives them endless opportunities to creatively explore and experiment in a risk-free and safe environment while developing their cognitive and physical skills.

If you would like any advice on developing a creative play space, please get in contact with the team.

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