Safe Environments

Lockable Storage Solutions
We offer a vast selection of playground storage solutions for your school grounds including sheds, houses and stores to help keep all the portable playground equipment safe and dry. They are also a great way to store the materials needed for
outdoor lessons close to the area to eliminate return trips in and out of the classroom.

Peach Playhouse Thumb Peach Playhouse £255 More details
Damson Playhouse Thumb Damson Playhouse £347 More details
midi-playground-store-thumb Midi Playground Store £174 More details
large-playground-store-thumb Large Playground Store £250 More details
OTC01HD - Garden Chest fsz Playground Storage Chest £146 More details
OBS2V2HD- Bike Store 5 fsz Sports Equipment Store £274 More details
tall-playground-store-thumb Tall Playground Store £208 More details
10-x-6-timber-storage-shed-thumb 10 x 6 Timber Storage Shed £521 More details
timber-shed-thumb 10 x 8 Timber Storage Shed £671 More details

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