Seating and Litter Bins

Recreational Environments

Encourages Social Play within an Early Years, KS1 and KS2 Environment.
Here at Educational Play Environments we offer a wide range of seating and planting options. It is important that adequate furnishings are provided within your school grounds, this is where your children can relax and socialise with each other. Ranging from Benches, Picnic Tables to covered Shelters, our range of Outdoor Playground Furniture can cater for your schools specific needs.

Recycle-Waste-Bin-Thumb Recycle Waste Bin £414 More details
Rainbow-Table-Square-Thumb Rainbow Table £798 More details
Rainbow-Table-Thumb Rainbow Picnic Table £537 More details
Rainbow-Seat-Thumb Rainbow Seat £263 More details
FIWHUT - Wendy Hut Thumb Wendy Hut £1261 More details
FIDDEN - Driftwood Den Thumb Driftwood Den £1261 More details
Wigwam Thumb Wigwam £752 More details
Story_Telling_Chair_-_Render_1A Thumb Timber Storyteller's Chair £609 More details
2m-Hexagonal-Tree-Seat-with-95mm-Top---Image-1 Thumb 2m Tree Bench £681 More details
clarendon-picnic-thumb Clarendon Picnic Table £796 More details
storyteller-chair-thumb Storyteller Chair £788 More details
storyteller-chair-basic-thumb Storyteller Chair Basic £597 More details
hex-bench-segment-thumb Hex Bench Seat Segment £229 More details
6-hex-thumb 6 Segment Hex Bench £1237 More details
12-hex-thumb 12 Segment Hex Bench £2474 More details
KS2-Square-Picnic-Bench-Thumb KS2 Square Picnic Bench £696 More details
KS2-Picnic-Bench KS2 Picnic Bench £242 More details
KS1-Picnic-Bench-Thumb KS1 Picnic Bench £227 More details
KS1-Octagonal-Bench-Thumb KS1 Octagonal Bench £325 More details
KS1-Round-Bench-Thumb KS1 Round Bench £427 More details
Infant-Large-Picnic-Table-Thumb Early Years Picnic Table - 6 Seater £146 More details
Infant-Octagonal-Picnic-Table-Thumb Early Years Octagonal Picnic Bench £279 More details
Infant-Sandpit-Bench-Thumb Early Years Sandpit Bench £186 More details
2-Seater-Bench-Thumb 2 Seater Bench £233 More details
300mm-mushroom-seats-thumb 300mm Individual Mushroom Seat £135 More details
P1730---Thumb Mushroom Table - 3 £671 More details
P1731---Thumb Mushroom Table - 4 £834 More details
P1732---Thumb Mushroom Table - 5 £950 More details
Building Blocks Picnic Table Building Blocks Picnic Table £728 More details
Game Top Picnic Table Round Game Top Table £688 More details
game-top-table-thumb Game Top Table £688 More details
Side Panel Representation - Backed Animal End Bench £655 More details
animal-end-seat-thumb Animal End Seat £348 More details
langford-bench-thumb Langford Bench £435 More details
langford-seat-thumb Langford Seat £219 More details
Secrets Bench Secrets Bench £997 More details
Friendship Bench Friendship Bench £477 More details
laverstock-bench-thumb Laverstock Bench £461 More details
Buddy-Bench---Image-1 Thumb Buddy Bench £189 More details
Ifton_Bench_-Thumb Ifton Bench £299 More details
Aston_Bench_-_Render_1 Thumb Aston Bench £389 More details

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