Adventure Trail - Robinia Style

Active Environments

Encourages Active Play and Cooperative Play within an Early Years, KS1 and KS2 Environment.

Our latest range of Adventure Trail units have been reinvented using Robinia Hardwood. These outdoor play structure units offer a natural looking, unique design to any area. Your children can improve balancing, climbing, traversing and stretching skills.

Robinia wood is known for its durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions, decay and vandalism. It has a very dense make up that makes it ideal for outdoor play structures. It also complies with the stringent standards of the EN350-2 EU Timber regulation and is classified as class 1, the most solid type of timber.

All of our Robinia Timber products offer 15 year guarantee.

Monkey-bars-thumb Monkey Bars £2145 More details
Monkey-bars-sloping-thumb Sloping Monkey Bars £1864 More details
Chin-up-bars-thumb Triple Roll Over Bars £698 More details
Climber-thumb Climber £765 More details
Monkey-rings-thumb Gladiator Hoops £872 More details
Drop-rope-traverse-thumb Drop Rope Traverse £845 More details
Log-crossing-thumb Log Crossing £1349 More details
Crossed-rope-crossing-thumb Crossed Rope Crossing £770 More details
Rope-weave-thumb Rope Weave Crossing £954 More details
Rope-crossing-thumb Rope Walk Crossing £725 More details
Wobble-bridge-thumb Wobble Bridge £1691 More details
Burma-bridge-thumb Rope Bridge £1284 More details
Suspension-bridge-thumb Suspension Bridge £2307 More details
Stepper-logs-thumb Stepper Logs £401 More details
Log-snake-weaver-thumb Log Snake Weaver £782 More details
Log-snake-thumb Log Snake £603 More details
Tight-rope-crossing-thumb Tight Rope Walk £939 More details
Walk-&-stretch-thumb Walk & Stretch £959 More details
Balance-weave-thumb Balance Weave £1038 More details
Balance-slalom-thumb Balance Slalom £1067 More details
Balance-beam-thumb Balance Beam £379 More details
V-balance-beam-thumb V Balance Beam £559 More details
A-Frame-thumb A-Frame Climber Logs £1581 More details
A-Frame-with-net-thumb A-Frame Climber £1903 More details

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